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Year after year, the Wasted Youth crew manage to put together a powder centric shred flick that will leave you frothing to do anything to get your own taste of that sweet BC interior snow before they pave it all and leave you with nothing. From deep in the heart of British Columbia Canada resides The Unholy Mountain.

Featuring the riding of: Taylor Roberts, James “Dozer” Coombs, Charles White, Dustin Craven, Darcy Kheller, Johan Rosen, Keith Martin, Seb Grondin, Benoit Puegeo, Nick Khattar, BloodMoneySon, Jesse Smith and more..


Why is the sky wet or water blue? It is from this same deep philosophical train of thought that The Octopus Boys was conceived. A deeply abstract paradoxical thought experiment, The Octopus Boys is WASTED YOUTH’s fourth movie. This movie attempts to pull back the curtain on this life and figure out, once and for all, what it really means to be here, now, a snowboarder in 2020. What we found was deeply disturbing, for the deeper into the abyss we looked, the deeper the abyss looked into us.

The Octopus Boys features the snowboarding of WASTED YOUTH’s finest: The Sinister Minister Sean Barrett, Big Sexy Keith Martin, Blood Money Son Chris Curran, James “Dozer” Coombs, The Twiggy Alien Taylor “Texas Ranger” Roberts, Johan “Rosenberg” Rosen, Benoit Pageo, Dustin Craven and more.


It feels like the WASTED YOUTH crew has been unchanged since the punk-rock/take it or leave it era in snowboarding. This movie delivers a nostalgic feel for the heyday of 90’s snowboarding with the high level boarding from today.

“Many said it couldn’t be done. Most said it wouldn’t be done and all the rest (including themselves) said it shouldn’t be done, but here we are. The third and hopefully final instalment in WASTED YOUTH’S long and suffering snowboard movie endeavour: WAST3D YOUTH is a product of two years of hard work, hangovers and hatred for all things good and pure in this world. If not for each other’s over arching desire to see one another perish at the hand of Old Man Winter, this movie may not have come to fruition. Fortunately, the only thing they despise more than each other is you, the viewer, the audience, Joe Regular Guy. And for that reason they would feel remiss not to let you know that they didn’t make this movie for you, they made it for themselves, for WASTED YOUTH, so if you don’t like the movie, they don’t give a fuck. Enjoy. Or don’t, whatever. Here it is. WAST3D YOUTH featuring (in order of appearance) the sub par snowboarding of: Taylor Roberts, Dozer, Blood Money Son aka Big Rig, Khattar aka Dragon, Sean Barrett aka Sinner, Seb Grondin, Jess Kimura, Jocoah Sorrenson, Chris Boyd, Dustin Craven, Johan Rosen, and Big Sexy Keith Martin aka The Rick Flair of Snowboarding.” -WASTED YOUTH

Featuring: Keith Martin, Dozer, Taylor Roberts, Seb Grondin, Chris Boyd, Jess Kimura, Sean Barrett, Chris Curran, Johan Rosen & Nick Khattar, Twan, Jacoah Sorenson, Karl Jost.

Wasted Youth: The Sequel

The underground snowboard movie that the New York Times has so far been tight lipped about, WASTED YOUTH THE SEQUEL, is a raw and gritty look into the lives of the British Columbia snowboard crew. They have once again pushed the limits of DIY snowboard film-making. After the success of their first full length snowboard movie, WASTED YOUTH had nowhere to go but down. Fortunately for themselves and their fans they have managed to once again raise the bar on what is considered “decent snowboarding”. This movie will surely be remembered by someone, somewhere for something; but probably not for the snowboarding.

Featuring: Keith Martin, Dozer, Taylor Roberts, Seb Grondin, Chris Boyd, Ben Bilocq, Jess Kimura, Sean Barrett, Chris Curran, Johan Rosen & Friends: (Tommi Ollikainen, Samu Mikkonen, Jopi Elooranta, Johan Nordag, Shreddie, Nick Khattar, Twan, Jacoah Sorenson,Danny Leblanc, Justin Cahill, Andrew Clark, Karl Jost).

Wasted Youth: The Movie

The Movie that started it all.
” Another degenerate snowboard video filled with cigarettes, alcohol, profanity, weed, blasphemy, setting things on fire (including live trees), & the usual all-around debauchery.”
For proper snowboarding under God ~

Featuring: Taylor Roberts, Dozer, Keith Martin, Jess Kimura, Sean Barrett, Chris Curran, Anthony Miller, Seb Grondin

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