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Nick Khattar and WASTED YOUTH present the first annual Cross Eye Photographer Showdown. Photographers with teams of 3-4 snowboarders will be randomly assigned a topic and will have 3 days to shoot a photo essay on that topic. The event will take place in Revelstoke (general area) and teams will have the freedom to shoot wherever they want: on the streets, backcountry or on the resort. After you are assigned your topic you and your team can lock yourselves in your uncle Morty’s shed in the Big Eddy and shoot medium format portraits all weekend for all we care. That’s art baby!
There will also be a “24 in 48” category where participants will get a roll of 35mm film and have 48 hours to shoot whatever they want with it.
Winners will be announced, and award ceremony will be held, in November of 2021 (so we can hopefully have a rager’). The winning 3 photo essays will have their photo’s printed, framed and turned into an exhibition that will hopefully be shown in ski towns around BC and Alberta.
March 4-7th Revelstoke BC
1st place: 1500$
2nd place: 1000$ and Nitro gear
3rd place: 500$ and gear
24 in 48: 500$ gets 500$ cash.
Entry for photo essay category: 100$ per team
Entry for 24 in 48 category: 50$ Per team.
Space is limited to 10 teams.
Registration Deadline: February 21 2021
Participating teams will receive some sweet sweet beer from Backroads Brewing Co.
Winning photo essay will be published on – They will publish the photo essay as a blog.
One photo from the winning essay will be featured in the 2022 Revelstoke Experience Guide – 50,000 print count
As part of submission, each group should post a photo from their essay on Instagram and tag @revelstoke and #TheRealStoke (along with mentioning the event etc)
Tourism Revelstoke gets rights to one photo from each group submission to use on social media and their website.
*DISCLAIMER* British Columbia provincial health guidelines recommend against traveling for non-essential reasons. As per the BC provincial health guidelines: if you are traveling to B.C. from another province or territory within Canada you are expected to follow the same travel guidelines as everyone else in B.C. and travel safely and respectfully.
Email for details and registration

1. Can I register alone? No. You must register as a team. HOWEVER, if you want to register as a one man team i.e. shoot self portraits, then you may do so and we think that’s a pretty dope idea.

2. Is there a minimum or maximum size to the teams? See above but there is no minimum size but maximum size is 4 snowboarders.

3. Can I register as a snowboarder? Yes. If you are already on a team with a photographer.

4. Are teams assigned? No. You must register as a team.

5. What do we need for a team? You need a photographer and 3-4 snowboarders.

6. How much is the entry free? 100$ per team for the Photo Essay. 50$ for the 24/48

7. Where does it take place? It will take place in the general Revelstoke area.

8. What do you mean by “general”? You can shoot anywhere that would be considered in and around Revelstoke. i.e. Trout Lake is NOT Revelstoke, because it is Trout Lake. RMR is Revelstoke. Boulder Mtn is Revelstoke. Keystone is Revelstoke. For this purpose the general area is considered to be within a 50km radius of the town of Revelstoke.

9. Can I enter one category (i.e. 24/48) and not the other (i.e. photo essay)? Yes.

10. Do I need a team for the 24/48 category or can I enter it alone? You can enter the 24/48 category alone. The 24/48 category is an open category meaning you can shoot whatever you want but it is still a snowboard action themed event and thus your photo’s will be judged accordingly.

11. Do I need my own 35mm SLR for the 24/48 category? Yes.

313 MacKenzie Ave Revelstoke BC



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